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I'm in bed sick (is it swine flu? who knows) but there are some things I should give a shout-out to and there's Good NewsTM.

Firstly, I wanted to congratulate whafford on being accepted into the Odyssey Writing Program. Woohoo! Remember us little folks when you win your Hugo!

Secondly, (swanwick_rss) Michael Freaking Swanwick's Dragons of Babel is out in mass market paperback. He just got a box of them and stacked them in an exact replica of the Tower of Babel in his back yard -- (that he does this is one of the reasons I think he is so awesome).

(Image hotlinked from Michael's blog in order to kill his bandwidth)

Thirdly, the Good News -- I was walking past the bathroom yesterday and noticed momcat under the sink. So I laid down on the floor and crawled up to her, she was looking for an escape route, but didn't see one handy, as I got closer she hissed at me, backed into the corner, "What the heck," I thought, "it's only a hand" and reached out and started petting her (!) She didn't like it, but she didn't bite me. We stayed like that for about half an hour, me petting her, her sort of "wtf are you doing to me? this is ... i don't think it's good ... is this bad touch or good touch?" there was much ambivalence. Eventually she espied an escape route and shot out of the bathroom. But lately she's just been marching through the house, upstairs, downstairs, seemingly a lot more comfortable than she was in the past.

This is a good thing. Now, ten more sessions like that and Stockholm Syndrome here we come!

(For those of you recently arriving, Momcat is a feral cat who came to live here three years ago. Nobody's ever touched her and she's spent her life mostly under the sofa. She's adorable and everybody loves her -- but for years she was HATE INCARNATE:)


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