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in which our heroine fixes shiznit

"Meet me at the laundromat," I said, "I want to show you something!"

So we met at the laundromat and I tried to convince trillian_stars how fun it would be to do our laundry here for a while -- just to see what it was like -- maybe we were missing out on some socialization because we always did our laundry at home.

"Um, no," she said, after inspecting the line of vagrants asleep beneath the benches, "we'll do our laundry at home."

Which is when I mentioned that I'd accidentally somehow dropped a tube of lipstick into the lint trap of the dryer and made it stop working.

She greeted this with ... not much enthusiasm.

Using power tools she cracked the dryer like a walnut.

It turned out to be an absurdly simple device. Basically it's a hair dryer connected to a tin can spun by a tiny little motor, most of the inside of the thing is empty. I experienced more dust than any human not engaged in the same endeavor has ever seen (you think your lint is trapped in the conveniently named "lint trap" -- oh no, an equal amount is blown around the innards of that hellish box). Trill was able to disassemble the entire lint capturing apparatus and then sent me into the sweaty dust bounce where I shoved my arm in, up to the elbow, to discover not only the missing lipstick (which was wedged into a fan whose job it is to blast the spent hot air out into the alley behind your house to keep homeless cats warm) but several bobby pins, a susan b. anthony dollar, and enough lint that it looked as though someone had shaved an alpaca.

Offending objects removed, the dryer has returned to it's normal function. Which is a bit sad, as 'd already picked out a very cool red replacement that cost more than the first three cars I owned..

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