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Trillian's new play, kitthez, AND Tweetmurder

1) I went to see trillian_stars new play on opening night. I can safely say that it's the best thing Curio Theatre's ever done, which is difficult competition with The Trial and The Odyssey and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in there, but it's really amazing. My sides hurt from laughing so much. The opening night audience was great and the place was packed. I'll be going back some night again this week, so if you're planning on heading down, out, over, up, let me know.

2) A while ago I lamented that after having switched from Firefox I lost the Greasemonkey app that automagically deleted twitter posts.

Well, Matgb has cleverly figured out a way for you to collapse twitter posts on any browser by customizing your LJ style sheet. It takes 20 seconds and you get pages and pages of your life back. My Internet Hero!

3) Thanks to all of you who are rumbling about doing things for the City Kitties art auction. I'm especially excited to see the cloth roll-up Roswell checkerboard and the Roswell action figure play set -- I might have to buy a bunch of these myself -- y'all will bankrupt me. If you missed the post about that it's one or two posts back in my LJ -- thanks to everyone who's participating.

4) The first update of new stories and photos is up at -- it's going beautifully. I'll have an article up there next friday, thanks so much to everyone who's participating in that too!

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