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Who lives in Minneapolis?

Dear Magic Hotel,
I'm going to be in Minneapolis later this month working on Where I Write, photographing lots of cool fantasy and science fiction authors and the spaces where they write. At the moment, I'm looking for crash space for one night, Wednesday, May 20th.
I get in Wednesday night and have a portrait very close to the airport (just a few blocks north) that very night (probably 10:30/11:00 PM or so), and then another Thursday morning. So I'm looking for a place to lay my weary head Wednesday night around midnightish and then I'll be outta there around 10 the next morning. All I need is a floor and a pillow really.
If you're near there and would like some Roswell fur of your very own on your living room carpet, drop me a line.

There will be new Who Killed Amanda Palmer news tomorrow.

Until then, trillian_stars. I'm going to go to her play again tonight if anybody's around, let me know about that too.


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