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cats in sinks and the great wyoming telescope dilema

The Great Wyoming Telescope Dilema

Okay. So. This summer trillian_stars and I are going to Wyoming. trillian_stars is from Wyoming. She's a cowgirl. Fo shizzle.

I will be farther away from human lights than I'll likely ever be for a week and as such, I figure I should take it as an opportunity to see the stars (the celestial ones).

I've not bought a telescope because it's pointless in the city. It's difficult enough to see the moon with all the sky glow. If I lived out in the county I'd have a C8 or maybe one of those crazy 18 inch dobsonians, or maybe both. But I digress. I'm assuming some of you are more up on your stargazing than I so I'm wondering if I should:

1) Spend $150 or so and buy a tabletop equatorial mount for my camera and try and take a couple of 5 minute exposures with my 200mm lens, my 50mm lens, and various wide angle lenses

2) Spend about a hundred and fifty dollars on a 3.5 inch newtonian and lament the pathetic optics

3) blow $800 on a portable and probably adequate 5 inch schmid cassigrain

4) Blow $1300 on a Celestron c8 that will make my knees quiver in the dark skies, make me rethink living in the city, be a pain in the ass to move from one place to another (it comes in a freaking steamer trunk) and sit, collecting dust in the club for the gentry for the rest of my natural life

5) Spend $75 on a pair of nikon 10x50's and rig up some sort of tripod mount for them


6) find out that one of y'all runs the Cody Wyoming star party.

and for those of you who don't give a ding about telescopes, here's Roswell in the sink. Feel free to recommend one of these in lieu of a telescope.


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