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cooking with roswell

trillian_stars and I went to the farmers market and found some spinach, some mushrooms, and some tomatoes. Roswell helped cook and eat. We had a lovely Saturday -- Trill had two performances and I layed around the house like a lump reading Tom Purdom's novel "The Tree Lord of Imeten" for the next meeting of the Fantabulous Tom Purdom book club this wednesday. I'm liking it a lot and am looking forward to the shin-dig.

There was much more going on but I wanted to post Roswell photos, she's been getting left out lately.

(P.S. anybody thinking of getting artwork, Roswell inspired or not, to City Kitties" please contact them right away. The art auction is one of their major fundraising sources during the year, it's a big event and you should have art in it!)


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