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our busy weekend

Scrunch is in the house! word!

We snagged Scrunch on Thursday, he'd been AWOL for a week and, as you may remember, he's all messed up with a huge open wound on his back. it looked like some friends might take him, but that fell through. So he's been in the breakfast room sleeping, healing, and purring like a machine. I've been spending some quality time with him every day scratching his little head and giving him antibiotics. Mr. Hugs is beside himself, not only is there another cat in the house, but that cat has complete access to the cat tower! The fearsome Mr. Hugs has his face pressed up against the window, banging on it with his paw threatening "You! You there on my cat tower! I'm going to get this window open and I'm going to tear you apart! Do you hear me! Am I making myself perfectly clear?" Scrunch, on the other hand, is completely ignoring this, remarking "Oooh, comfy sofa. Mmmmm ... can of food .... mmmmm .... scratch the head ...."

We had a fun weekend as well! Bonnie and Dylan came over, Bonnie was distressed that there were no rockstars in the house. Soon after she left though, Sky from the Side Effects showed up. Bonnie should have waited around! then some people from the UC list, Steven Fisher and Pete Coyle came by, we went out to brunch at the White Dog. More about all of this, and plenty of photos, behind the cut...

Bonnie and Dylan working on a Where's Waldo poster with Dr. Brad.

The lovely christy_lynn

Dr. Brad is teaching a course at Penn on the meaning of money, he talked about "what is value"? we had an energetic and fascinating discussion.

Pete Coyle, Steven Fisher's not-on-the-uc-list friend, Steven Fisher, and Christy outside at the White Dog, feeling very urban.

We also went to the Lebaneese Festival with Karen Heenan, I didn't take any pictures.

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