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Our friend Carolyn Turgeon came over Sunday for a reading from her upcoming novel. She also read from her first two novels, Rain Village and Godmother: The Secret Cinderella Story.

After the reading the fabulous Nicki Jaine played some new, never before heard songs.

Here's the power troika -- one novelist, one actress, one songwriter. More photos in trillian_stars' journal.

I don't mention this stuff as much as I should -- I have an article in this month's Videomaker Magazine (as I have an article in every month's Videomaker Magazine) -- this one's on three point lighting and might be of interest to photographers as well as videomakers, so I mention it.

If you haven't read my article on the making of the Who Killed Amanda Palmer album cover you should check that out, and also you should write stories and take photos for the website. It's fun.

And you artists out there, should submit artwork for the City Kitties Art Auction.

That is all. Have a swell day.

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