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Where does your world end?

Trillian and I watched ... what might be the new best movie on earth tonight, (Ong Back 2) and it started a conversation about subtitles, foreign languages, and other countries.

As you probably know, trillian_stars was a French major in college and used to live in Paris, but I've lead a bit more provincial life.

I remember my first day of French 101 in high school. My world expanded drastically that afternoon when it dawned on me that America did not encompass the ends of the Earth. I'd never heard anyone, in person, speak a foreign language. To say that my whole world changed when I left the country for the first time (I went to Romania) is ... the vocabulary of a caveman trying to explain a carburetor....

I realize that the biggest thing you get from leaving the United States for the first time is the understanding that you can -- and if you live here and you haven't been somewhere else yet -- do it -- do it as soon as possible -- make it the most important thing in your life -- you don't come back the same person. And you come back a better person, your eyes change. I promise.

And in that spirit -- trillian_stars and I started talking about music (largely about how laughable my translation of Zazie songs are) -- I want to hear from you, What are your favorite songs, not in english?

Show us the good stuff -- embiggen our world.

Some of my own favorites are:

freaking KENT doing "Sundance Kid"

Zazie doing "J'étais là"

Rammstein doing "Reise! Reise!"

Wolfsheim doing "Wundervoll"


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