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breakfast with roswell

In the past few days the stats counter that I can't bring myself to shut off showed that my friend adds are up significantly (one of whom was Elizabeth Freaking Bear, (welcome to the madhouse matociquala)) mostly from people who I have no friends or communities in common with. It's always a puzzler. Looking at the logs I see that I am the number one google hit for "Harry Harrison Bombastic Behind" -- though I doubt that has much to do with it.

In any event. It's been a busy week. Planning for the Minnesota trip to photograph Neil's writing gazebo, Pamela Dean's -- well, her writing space is at the moment a cool secret, but it should be nifty, and a few other people. I was hoping to be able to get to Audrey Niffenegger too this time, but we seem doomed by constantly conflicting schedules.

I've been trying a new anti-insomnia medication, Zaleplon (aka Sonata), which has been wonderful. Lunesta works great, but it makes me sleep for 10 hours, which seems like a lot of time to give up out of my life. With Zaleplon I can take it at 10 and wake up at 5 am, which is lovely for getting things done. Sadly though it's not recommended to use longer than five weeks.

Yesterday I found one of Ellen Kushner's old Choose Your Own Adventure novels in the back of the living room closet and Trillian read it out loud to me, with deadly results. I took took my Zeleplon and was out in 10 glorious minutes.

This morning at 5 I got up, answered some email, read a bit of Annie Proulx's Wyoming short story collection and then Roswell and I made breakfast in bed for trillian_stars

where's roswell?

Had a meeting of the Fantabulous Tom Purdom book club this week, we discussed tom's 1965 novel The Tree Lord of Imeten, a space cowboy novel which I enjoyed a lot, and then we went to Pod, which is always fun.

Autographed copy sukkaz.

hanging out in center city with trillian_stars

If I had more time, this would be a less scatterbrained entry. I'll blame it on the Zaleplon.

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