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sweet barking cheese!!!

1) GIVE YOURSELVES A HAND you -- and I'm looking at YOU -- paid ALL of Soda Bread's vet bills. Now he can look for a home with his shots up-to-date and his neutering taken care of and his ears looked at. You are good people. You have made the world a little better.

2) I've been too busy for anything like a real update, I hope to get things sorted out in the next week or so when I'll have time on airplanes to write (that seems to be the bulk of my creative output lately -- "You want that by Thursday? no problem, I'll just get on an airplane and fly to Los Angeles and back, that should give me enough time.") We didn't tell anybody we were getting married because it seemed simpler that way. We're going to be having a wedding partay sometime in June and you are all invited.

3) We're blown away by the incredible outpouring of well-wishes from y'all. There are so many names I'm seeing for the first time -- I'm going to get to everything in the next couple of days. I'm honored. Please don't be strangers.

4) We didn't invite anyone apart from four witnesses who found out about it 48 hours before the event. Afterwards the six of us sat around and listened to 78's on trillian_stars's Electrola, which fit with her vintage 1932 wedding gown. We BBQ'd in the back yard and had a swell time.

5) Trill just had her wisdom teeth out this afternoon. She'll probably post a real update in a day or so.

Anyway, my mouth runneth on. You people are awesome.

Here's Trillian winding up the Electrola to play Valencia one more time....


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