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A few months ago trillian_stars and I went to Lousiana where I had an awesome art show. While we were there, we went to see the Lower 9th Ward with a couple of our local friends. And over the course of an hour or so, I took some photos. I made a .pdf of it and posted it to my blog, as I occasionally do with travel photos. A few people said they wanted printed copies, so I uploaded the .pdf to the on-demand publisher, with this as the description:

One of Kyle Cassidy's travel diaries. This contains 32 pages of images and text from New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward. People should ONLY purchase this if it's because they want something to hold in their hands. A .pdf is available for free on This is not a "book" -- it's just my travel diary, the same one I emailed you if I know you.

Three people got their printed copies, and I promptly forgot about it.

Well imagine my suprise and angst when I got a note from Lulu recently saying that my "book" had been "chosen" to be listed on (with a 30% markup in price!). Ahem? It's a blog-fodder travel diary comprising an hours worth of photos -- certainly not ready for prime time, and not something I want people to think is my serious work (which is seriouser than serious cat and one of which won the amazon best 100 books award in 2007 it was so serious). I don't think anybody bothered to look at it and that miffed me, that they were just grabbing things at random and making it sound like people had won the lottery.

I was immediately concerned that people looking for me on amazon would find that "book" and think that I was trying to pass self published pieces off as legitimate work. I responded to lulu immediately saying I absoutely didn't want it listed on amazon thankyouverymuch.

Well ... imagine my suprise it's listed on amazon anyway, with the aparantly completely made up "You're Like No Tourist I've Ever Seen Books - London, Reykjavik" listed as the publisher.

Don't buy it, but I invite you all to go and post outrageous reviews of it. In fact, the person who posts the most interesting review will get a print from "the book" to hang on their wall. The less it actually has to do with New Orleans the better -- bonus points if you mention both a cryptozoological animal and James K. Polk.

A beautiful tribute to outgassing sulfides, May 27, 2009
By Julie M. Hoover "Julie Geology" (Durham, NC) - See all my reviews

Kyle Cassidy, known penguin smuggler, has done it again with a brilliant tribute to the mashed potato machine hagglers. He tosses aside the medias gender biased flip flop space heater mainstream cacophony and focuses his eye on the prize: almonds.

Page after page of undocumented science surround the reader like a warm Jello bath and smother them (figuratively) in the crisp loess of dawn.
This tribute tome is truly the cherry on the sundae that is premier facepaint handlebar literature.

My only complaint is that is book is not as lengthy nor as fetid as Kyle's treatise on kale, "The Slapdash Adventure of Captain Horseradish and the Galoshes Peanut Brittle Gang."


A fine Swan-Song, May 27, 2009
By Bagpuss (UK) - See all my reviews

This posthumously published book, by the author perhaps best known for his seminal works "James K. Polk, Man or Cephelapod?" and "Why Neil Gaiman should never Thrown Typewriters from hot Air Balloons" chronicles the writer's exhaustive search for the Chupacabra, across four continents and 43 states (No doubt Mr Cassidy, had he been spared, would have explained why he found it necessary to take such a long route, as well as the exact natire of the research he carried out in Barbados, Guam and Fiji)
The book sadly ends a little abruptly, the coda including photgraphs of the clearing in which Mr Cassidey's exsanguinated body was found, and of the cryptic, final entry in his notebook, reading ' she seeks her revenge' A must read for any would-be somnabulist!


An amazing handbook for today's busy criminal., May 27, 2009
By illuminique (Chicago, USA) - See all my reviews

Kyle "the cutlass" Cassidy, recently released from a 9-year spell in a maximum security facility in Maine, has published the most thrilling assemblage of insider schemes, scams, tricks and tips gleaned from extensive interviews with the nation's most feared and fascinating conartists, all conducted from the ring-side seat of his fur-lined cell. You will enjoy his ascerbic wit, and freakish insights into the human condition as he takes you on a rollercater ride through the dastardly minds society tries to warn you about. Within minutes of reading this fabulous tome, I was able to hot wire a Porche Sedan, and my card counting skills have become the talk of Vegas.

I urge you to snap up this fabulous book: untold wealth, handsome toyboys, and power without limit are all awaiting


Bold new theory!, May 27, 2009
By M. VanHelder "Notorious Liar" - See all my reviews

I'm not usually one for conspiracy theories, but I'm also not usually one to deny the evidence of my own eyes, and this book's photographs prove in spades one of the more outrageous and less believable tales of pre-Civil War Louisiana, to wit that in 1848, a bunch of US Army divers under the direct command of then-President James K. Polk and outfitted with the latest in Cabirol hard-helmet diving technology inadvertently started a war with a heretofore unknown and highly belligerent amphibious race, a war that came to an end only when the Civil War began and the United States government was forced to make a treaty with these creatures, a treaty which was breached when the creatures (commonly and colloquially known nowadays as "chupacapra" for their unnerving tendency to orally stimulate common livestock as a means of initimidating the enemy) took the destruction of their spawning grounds by Hurricane Katrina as an act of war which has to this day been waged on the abandoned streets of the city of New Orleans.

I know, I didn't believe it either until I bought this book and saw the truth

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