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So today we went to New York to visit leemoyer who was in town for a wedding & silveringridd who is there for a boomerang competition. Lee neglected to tell us he was staying with Michael Freaking Kaluta. Far be it from Lee Moyer to know anybody ordinary. Lee is one of the most talented illustrators I've ever met, check out his website.

Anyhoo, so we went out to a fabulous amazing vegan lunch and then back to Mike's outstanding place on the upper west side -- his place is made for found-encounters with art and books, which I love. It's easy to get lost looking at things there. He has a bunch of his art from the '94 Tolkien calendar hanging on the walls and books that had trillian_stars sitting on the floor pulling out volume after volume.

For ten years or so now I've been doing this series called "Getting Older in Other People's Bathroom Mirrors" which won't be really cool until I've actually gotten old and you can see them all in a line -- but I do like this one in Michael's bathroom, particularly because you can see his autographed photo of Patty McCormack from The Bad Seed hanging on the wall behind me there.

After a cheerful goodbye, trillian_stars and I we went to find silveringridd. While walking through Central Park I saw Bill Moyers sitting on a park bench (sing it) reading a binder and smoking a cigar.

"It's Bill Freaking Moyers!" I said.

"You should go say Hi," said trillian_stars

"He probably doesn't want to be recognized."

"If he didn't want to be recognized, would he be wearing a hat that says THE BILL MOYERS SHOW in huge blue letters?"

She had a point.

Anyway, we found silveringridd

and proceeded to be fabulous until the wee hours of the morning.

Now we're home and Roswell is eating the flowers.

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