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More Behind-the-Scenes from Where I Write

Some of you may know joe_haldeman as the author of the wildly successful Forever War or maybe The Hemingway Hoax or one of those other things he won Hugo's or Nebula's for. He's also working on a trillogy about Mars -- Mars Bound being the first of three & which is out now, and time travel novel with great wit and humor called The Accidental Time Machine (which I enjoyed immensely). In there he also paints and rides his bicycle (a LOT) and manages to teach at MIT.

I went to Florida to photograph Joe in the place where he writes, which, as it turns out, is his back porch at three in the morning. (He gets UP then, you lazy bums.) He's also doing a great series of original watercolors with hand-written stories on them which is what he's showing me here in this photo Colin took

While I was there I said "I sure hope I see an alligator while I'm in Florida" and Joe's awesome wife, Gay, said "oh they're all over, we can go for a walk and find some" --

and sure enough, we saw not just alligators, but sand hill cranes (which are HUGE) a plethora of birds, wild bison, wild pigs, and deer -- at one time all in the same vista. I cannot begin to express how incredible Gay Haldeman is, though I'm sure that many of the people who chime in here will be able to give some voice to it. She's like the Gertrude Stein of science fiction -- everybody knows her, she seems to be at the center of everything, she's friendly, effusive, charming -- she's the glue that holds together a wonderful circle of people. She can identify more birds than Noah -- What can I say? She's awesome. I miss her already.

you can find some of the images from Where I Write, here, at It's been a fascinating trip. Right now I'm typing up interviews. Whee.

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