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Why small town Wyoming is big awesome

If you're in a Holiday Inn in Chicago and the weather gets unexpectedly cold, they might tell you where you can buy a jacket. If you're at the Historic Hotel Greybull, one of the owners gives you his coat. I kid you not. When it started snowing, Myles hooked me up with a coat -- as I'd only brought t-shirts.

Another cool thing about Myles is that after he lost a leg two years ago, he had a prosthetic made, which is festooned with pirates! Shiver me timbers!

He had it done by Bryant Gulde, a prosthetist-orhotist from Billings who makes colorful limbs for children (mostly) and adults who want to express their inner pirate.

It was a pretty low-key day. We went out to the farm and pretty much just stayed there, visiting with the relations. It gave me some time to edit photos and hear some family history. Both Trill's grandfather and her uncle are full of great stories about sheep herding, ropin', ridin', and the like.

I'm having a pretty swell time.


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