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trillian stars has entered the building - repeat, trillian stars has entered the building

trillian_stars has returned from Wyoming. I just picked her up from the airport It's so good to have her back. I'm such a good husband, I immediately gave her a present ...

... that wasn't actually from me. It was from Bob Walters and Tess Kissinger who don't write Science Fiction, but they paint it, as they also paint Science Fact. I spent the day with them in their awesome house and beautiful studio. If you've seen a painting of a dinosaur, particularly if it's in a natural history museum, or on the cover of Asimov's magazine, chances are Bob and Tess did it. They can tell you Cretaceous from Triassic, they can tell you all about the various types of fish from the Silurian Period. Not just the acanthodians and the chondrichthyes, mind you, but they'll tell you why the osteichthyes are different from the ostracoderms, and how difficult it is to paint a fern from a fossil.

They were great fun. I mentioned that I had a particular set of toy dinosaurs when I was a kid -- not only did they know what I was talking about, they knew who made them, when the company went out of business, who the molds got sold to, and where they are now. AND ... they had a set of them. So here are Bob and Tess for Where i write, er, Paint with a few of the Miller Prehistoric set and one original Triceratops sculpture and a whole lotta fun.

Have an awesome day.

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