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On the Road Again....

This afternoon my calendar popped up to remind me that I'm giving the 2009 Photography Colloquium at ICP in Manhatten, TOMORROW, which I'd agreed to do six months ago, when I thought The Big Book of Who Killed Amanda Palmer would be out by now and I'd just throw a bunch of books in a box and talk about it. But that is not to be. So tonight I threw a bunch of slides into the thing that you throw slides into and tomorrow I shall wing a talk, and it will probably be better than had I spent days thinking of it, because it won't be overly rehearsed. This is how things go.

Tonight we watched DiG! about the Brian's Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols, both of whom I know next to nothing about, but I found the film gripping.

Do you have a favorite Dandy Warhols or BJTM album?

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