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In which your humble narrator asks you spend time with the people you love

I was a bit shocked to learn of the death of NME columnist Stephen Wells when I read about it in mickmercer's blog yesterday.

I wasn't sure what to expect from Stephen when I met him in 2007.

He was one of the first people to do a cover story on my book, Armed America. Knowing I'd picked a controversial topic, and knowing about Stephen's ... inspired rants, I was more than half expecting a very hostile interview, to get rolled under the wheels of the machine ... which is not what I got. I got a jovial, friendly, fun journalist. We had a great time during the interview and I felt afterwards that I'd made a friend. Over the next few months we made a few attempts at getting together, but family and work obligations seem to have pegged down most of his time and we fell from one another's radar.I didn't really know Stephen Wells, but I feel the loss in a wholistic way -- I realize that there are people who should be closer to me who I haven't spoken to lately -- and that there are people who I know who are sick, or who are older than I remember them being and who I should spend more time with.

If something good is to come from this, and I believe that good can come from most things, it's that realization -- that somewhere there's someone out there who you need to say "hello" to, because you will feel terrible if you don't get the chance to say "goodbye" to them.

Stephen had a chance to say goodbye in his final article in the Philadelphia Weekly.

Go do good things.

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