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Last week trillian_stars and I had, in a fit of madness, crank called whafford, who's currently hard at work at the Odyssey Writers Workshop and left absurd messages on his answering machine with suggested ridiculous plots for stories, one of which started nagging me so I spent some of the weekend actually writing it myself.

We made much progress on the Secret Photo Project which I think now is ready for Prime Time -- it's just a question of whether it should be announced on Monday or Tuesday.

A large part of Saturday we spent with The Nephews -- I came in second place in the belching contest, much to my dismay (I was actually trying to win). We built a catapult and used it to hurl Fisher Price people vast distances, which was invigorating. Had we fireworks, I would have insisted that we tape them to the FP people before launching them into the netherworld. I seek to be a bad influence.

We've been out in the back yard as much as possible basking in The Outside -- it's been great for reading and writing, and with vast swaths of time cut out for both, I feel again some of the good bits about sitting in the tree-house in my parents back yard when I was 12, reading, writing.

I finished Flora Segunda which is freaking awesome. I was up until three in the morning today and only stopped when I fell asleep on the back porch. I can't even describe it really. Someone called it a "literate Harry Potter" which I actually think is a gross insult to Flora, because it's not like Harry Potter, really, at all. It's much better, much more complex, more sophisticated, much ... different. Its roots I suspect are more related to Gormenghast with its labyrinths and invented languages and strictures of military society. It's complex but delightful, driving, charming, witty ... it's heaped with positive female role models, magic and intrigue. And it's won the Andre Norton award. You should read it.

A while ago I got a beauty dish and a boom to put it on but I'd never used it. trillian_stars and I dragged it out of the closet today.

I did Trill's hair. Are you proud of me?

(trillian_stars has an update with even MORE stuff we did that I'd completely forgotten about.)

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