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The Top Secret Photo Project: No Longer Top Secret

On June 11th I was looking at some photographs by [insert name of a famous photographer who I won't name but you can probably figure out] thinking Did he really mean to take this photo? Does this guy's camera go off at random? and I started wondering what the photos would be like if someone just carried around a camera that captured an image at random. And of course, I then thought why not find out? I put up a cryptic call for volunteers here (it was up for 90 seconds, don't feel bad if you missed it) and got 23 people across the U.S. and Canada who agreed to wear cameras around their necks for two days. Over the weekend of June 13th and 14th I sent eleven SMS text messages at random times to everybody in the group and they pressed the shutter buttons on their camera, photographing whatever happened to be in front of them at that moment.

I "took" 266 photographs that way, 83 of which are in the gallery.

We worked together, like bees. Welcome to the hive.

Welcome to the Hive


Thanks to 3graces for doing the administrava during the project and Deborah Brannon & Rabbit Seagraves who worked on the final portfolio.

Feel free to comment about the project, the photos, the state of photography, the meaning of snapshots, your plans to do your own hive photography project, or whatever strikes your fancy. You can also ask questions of the other photographers, all of whom are reading this and I'm sure would be happy to talk about what their experiences were like.

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