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in which top secret plans are underway!

What could it be? What could it be?

Could it be the long anticipated Kyle Cassidy / Michael Swanwick collaboration?!?!?!! One of several perhaps?!?!! I'm very excited about it. We shall both be at Worldcon and Michael will also be at Readercon -- if you're going, don't miss him, and don't miss Tom Purdom who is in contention with Neil Freaking Gaiman as being the nicest person in science fiction. (Especially Tom's Kaffeeklatsch, which isFriday 7:00 PM, Room 458). (Michael also has an lj feed at swanwick_rss)


I got up very early and spent my morning sitting out in the garden, watching the sun rise and writing my name over and over again which while tedious is really the most awesome sort of tedious. I really am so grateful and happy that my life has got to the point where people care what I'm doing. I feel valued and successful -- thanks for that. I was once at lunch with a model (I might have told this story already) and people kept coming up and asking her to sign autographs. I asked her if it bothered her and she said, something like "I worked all my life for this, I'll sign autographs until my hand falls off." I've tried to keep that in the front of my mind.

If I could go back in a time machine and ask myself at 12 where I'd want to be when I grow up, I think it would be right here, right now.

Apparently some people got photo copies of the last card because there were more orders than cards -- sorry! I'm trying to draw clever little things on most of them but the paper is very porous and if I let my fountain pen pause for a fraction of a second ink starts to blast into the paper like it's being pumped from a well -- so there are no pauses to think, the wit must be spontaneous. Sometimes it works better than others.

Y'all are awesome.

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