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awesome news x3

Much Awesome News!

1) I got my schedule for Worldcon -- I'm doing like five events, three panels, a "behind the scenes at WKAP" slide show aaaaaand they gave me studio space to photograph fans on Saturday (how cool is that?). Who's going to be at Worldcon?

2) The HIVE is going to have an opening this fall in Mississippi. Stay tuned for details.

3) 2xcreative Is going to be in the LJ Spotlight July 13-19. So I'm going to clean up the welcome page. Anybody feel like making a cool user icon or two for the community? It could probably use a couple other moderators -- I'm thinking about adding all the "completed" posts to the memories.

4) trillian_stars loves me.

That's 4x awesome. The day gets even better.

(Does anybody make t-shirts? I should probably do up some cool custom t-shirts for Worldcon. Like Roswell in a space helmet or something with a caption so completely irrelivant everybody thinks it's esoteric like Real Wookies speak in phlebotomist.)

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