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there's a storm a-coming

I remember when I was a kid, wanting to see "The Search for Noah's Ark", which was playing "FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY!" at the local cinemaplex and that night a hurricane hit the shore of New Jersey cranking 40 mph winds across our suburban neighborhood with even stronger gusts -- Mrs. Ricky, who lived across the street from us lost her garage. My mother watched out the living room window as her garage was uprooted and "walked down the street". My sister and I begged and begged that she take us to the movie. We tried, valiantly, we made it to the car, but the streets proved un-navigable and I never saw the move -- despite the tantilizing AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS that showed ... well, who knows.

Anyway. A storm is currently pounding its way across West Philadelphia with an intense fury that reminds me of that day. The motion of the trees is frightening, like angry whips. The rain got too intense to be able to photograph out the window anymore. So now I'm on the back porch, recently screened in. The screen stops a lot of the water actually. But the fury of the wind, and the noise -- that clattering -- the flash, brief, intense daylight. It's wonderful. Roswell is freaked out but she can't bring herself to go inside. She's a brave one.

Juke Box Hero, after all these years, I think is still an awesome song. I've passed my own shadow by the back stage door and I'm very happy to be where I am right here, right now. Here with trillian_stars and Roswell, watching this storm with my life the way it is. I wouldn't trade places with anybody. And I'm pretty sure that The Search for Noah's Ark probably sucked anyway.

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