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it's almost top secret worldcon info

The Writers Workshops at Anticipation are small session workshops for either experienced or beginning writers and, at the moment, they're Top Secret. Nobody knows about them (though I assume they're going to get a lot less top secret when people start reposting this) but at the moment for freaking $20 you can get some of the greatest minds and pens in Fantasy and Science Fiction to review your story.

Check this out for more info before the unwashed masses discover it

Some of the authors include Nancy Freaking Kress, Delia Freaking Sherman, Colin Freaking Harvey, Catherynne Great Jumping Roswell Valente, Elizabeth Freaking Holy Freaking Sweet Barking Cheese Bear, Greg Freaking Frost, Jay Great Broiling Airships Lake and many others.

It's one thing to run into one of your favorite authors at a bar at a convention -- it's something wholly another to be able to show them something you worked on and talk about it. Let's see what you can do.

If you're going to Worldcon and you're interested in a career in writing you should check it out

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