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dress up trillian like a doll and other goodies!

Designers / Dressmakers / Costumers -- trillian_stars has nothing to wear for Worldcon! If you have something that's awesome you'd be willing to loan us and that you'd like lovely photos of in return, drop me an email. kyle at kylecassidy dot com

On to other stuffsorz:

Lately some good things have happened to good people and I want to point them out.

Cool interview with E. E. Knight, includes an awesome photo of mine from Where I Write

Lucy Coombs makes a wonderful painting based (loosely) one of my photos

About the same time I adopted momcat, lizerk adopted Ginny and now, after three years, Lizerk pets Ginny for the first time -- feral story with a happy ending!

Michael Swanwick is interviewed at Dragon Crush Sweet barking cheese! There's a dating site for nerds? WAY COOL!

My favorite goth model on planet earth Wednesday Freaking Mourning is in the last two issues of Gothic Beauty.

I keep thinking eddirt is going to draw Trill and I in one of his cartoons so I'm always waiting to plug his site, but let me say -- If you like The Far Side but think it would be funnier if more of the jokes were about bad parents and accidental shotgun deaths then check out Edible Dirt, updated twice a week

If you just arrived from mars and don't yet know that fantasy novelist catvalente (a.k.a. Catherynne Valente) is writing a novel on line check out onaleopard the community for people who are reading along.

That is all.

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