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all sorts of good things....

trillian_stars and whafford and yagathai and I sat and listened to NFG read "A Study in Emerald" last night, which was bold, and daring, and very well done, with a wonderfully complicated twist at the end. I've been scrambling to read all the Neil Gaiman I've missed over the years (and there's a lot) so that I won't look like too much of a fool during my Friday panel on "the Fiction of Neil Gaiman". Worldcon stuff is falling into place.

I was in Center City last night trying (unsuccessfully if you will believe it) to find an electric razor which also contains a beard trimmer when I got a text from trillian_stars that said "I'm at a bar with Samuel R. Delany, stop by." So I did and said "hi". Trill was surrounded by a pod of actor friends and Chip was sitting nearby. I hadn't seen him since I finished reading Dark Reflections so that was nice. Then I came home and read a bit of American Gods and finished that last article for Videomaker. Very hot here, though the pool seems to freeze at night. Whoever's in charge of the rain has added about six inches to its depth in the last week which might have undone a bit of whatever baking the sun has been doing.

This is John O'Neill from Black Gate magazine. This isn't necessarily where he writes, but it's where he plays D&D, which is sometimes as important. Hopefully I'll be back out there soon.

Anyway, I think there's still time for a tea-party before the day begins.

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