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worldcon day 2

Just a quick recap -- very tired here.

Just checked the stats and on thursday, my Where I Write web page got 2,890,354 hits. That's right. Almost three million hits, which is more than Armed America ever got in one day (Armed America sustained over 500,000 for nearly two weeks on at least two occasions, but never broke a million on a single day).

So. Sweet barking cheese.

Today was more laid back. Took some photos for the Top Secret Project, spent a bit of time with Gay and Joe Haldeman and it's freaking wonderful to see them. I survived a Not Very Good Panel, which I had the unenviable position of being the moderator on. I wasn't really able to lead the conversation very well through the first half of it and it floundered a couple of times but finally I was able to push it in a profitable direction and the last half hour went well.

Tomorrow I'm photographing fans from 10-4, i have no idea what that's going to be like. then I have the "behind the scenes of WKAP slide show which should be fun.

trillian_stars and whafford and I came home early. Sleep calls. It does.

One of the really nice things that happened was that John Scalzi linked to mah blog. It's been a magical couple of days in a magical life.

May your evening be filled with dirigibles and polite djinn's.
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