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hugo awards day ... four

I've been waiting to post this -- y'all know we went to the 2009 Hugo awards in Montreal, Canada, which is, of course, the Oscars of science fiction.

I'd posted a while back asking if there were any designers who wanted to loan trillian_stars something to wear and freaking Kambriel called to say "I'm sending you some stuff." Kambriel. Like Kam-freaking-biel.

It was all top secret for a week, but here's what trillian_stars wore to the Hugos last night (it seems like a month ago, seriously):

And, sweet barking cheese! Kambriel also custom made me a jacket to wear! Here I am looking all badass in it at the restroom at the bar at the Intercontinental:

Now, since going to the Hugos is a Big Nerd Deal, and we were all decked out. we felt it imperative that we practice our entrance, which we did, numerous times in an roped-off corridor filled with broken hockey sticks and maple syrup bottles:

We figured we should charge in like Russell Crowe and Sigourney Weaver (were they attending the Hugos and feeling surly).

But, in the end, we figured that really wasn't us and we sort of bounced in like happy rabbits:

This strategy must have worked, because we found out later in the evening That Trillian had won the 2009 Hugos Best Dressed Award (!!!!)

Fo shizzle.

Our (as he would say) looovly friend Neil Freaking Gaiman won for Best Novel and brings home one of the most beautiful Hugo's I've ever seen. We sadly had to leave early and miss that because .........

because ...

because ...

because ... I was guest photographer for an upcoming issue of Abe and Kronen which we shot that night into the wee hours of the morning. The episode I did (I have been sworn to secrecy) should come out in the next three weeks which gives y'all a chance to read some back issues and get caught up on Guillermo del Tormo's favorite web-comic. This is my 2xcreative for the month of August.

Fo Shizzle

I will say this (secrecy be damned) it rocks.

More trillian_stars:


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