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if you can't be witty, then at least be bombastic [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
kyle cassidy

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win this swell book! [Aug. 12th, 2009|08:07 am]
kyle cassidy
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |roswell eating tiny little sea warriors]

I was on a panel at Worldcon with Chris Howard, author of Seaborn. Chris wanted to give me a copy of his new book, and I, of course, wanted to buy one, but heck, this one would be autographed -- so I told him I'd take the copy but I'd buy one and gift it and spread the win to three people.

So now's your chance to get a brand spanking new copy of Seaborn delivered right to your door!

Seaborn is the story of Kassandra, 19 year old princess of the sub-oceanic world. Though she has strange powers, she's trying to lead the life of an ordinary college student in California. Wait, why is a seaborn princess walking around on dry land? Well, she's been hidden there by her father because her grandfather the evil king wants to kill her to cement his power base and perform Great Evil. Kassandra has power over water, she can form an ice sword or ice armor in an instant, or compel drops of water to hurl themselves at a foe at incredible speeds. She fights spear-throwing humanoids from the deep and always manages to get her homework in on time (so far anyway, I'm about 1/4th of the way through it).

It reads very visually, as though you're watching a movie packed with mer-people action.

Enough of this! How do you get it? How do you get it?

Well, just write a story (350 words max) that includes Roswell and mer-people with underwater action (how does Roswell breathe underwater? I'll leave that to you), post it here, best one posted by Friday gets a copy of Seaborn delivered to them from amazon.com.

Roswell on the lookout for underwater warriors trying to attack the porch.


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[User Picture]From: dressdragn
2009-08-12 12:32 pm (UTC)
Very cute
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[User Picture]From: spacedlaw
2009-08-12 12:54 pm (UTC)
Is Roswell male or female? (and what about Hennepin?)
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[User Picture]From: kylecassidy
2009-08-12 01:03 pm (UTC)
i am the only guy in the house.
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[User Picture]From: carolynturgeon
2009-08-12 01:33 pm (UTC)
One morning Roswell was at her usual post, gallantly protecting all who lay sleeping within the manor, when she saw something so gorgeous, so astonishing, she could not believe her eyeballs.

It was a cat. At least it seemed like a cat. In fact from the belly up it was damn near the most wondrous (and wondrously hot) cat Roswell had ever seen. He was black and white, with a perfectly shaped head and ears pointing straight to heaven.

And yet, from the belly down…. Well. Rather than having a luxurious set of hind legs and a tail that curved like a come-hither smile, this cat had… fins. Long green sparkling scaly fins, trailing down to the ground like a skirt so fashionable even Ms Trillian Stars would have worn it. But in a totally hot, masculine kind of way, of course.

But how could this mer-cat walk at all, especially in West Philadelphia?

He was not walking, she realized then. He was gliding. And as he glided, his mer-cat hips swayed back and forth, back and forth John Travolta style, in time with Roswell’s heart.

Instantly, she was in love.

In the room behind Roswell, Hennepin rolled her eyes. Roswell was always falling for the wrong dudes, she thought. Figures she’d go for this flashy, tacky mer-cat being chased by some sort of sea devil. Probably got the sea devil’s wife pregnant, Hennepin thought.

It was at that moment that Roswell was able to tear her eyeballs away from the mer-cat and see the sea devil for herself. She gasped, all her aesthetic sensibilities assaulted at once. Not even in West Philadelphia had she ever seen so much lack of fashion on one creature.

But as I am already almost to 300 words, you will have to imagine such an atrocity for yourself.

Without hesitation, Roswell leapt through the window, which shattered glamorously behind her in a gentle spray of glass. As she began racing toward the sea devil, she realized that she was suddenly underwater! Who knew I could run so gracefully underwater, she thought, and that I could breathe underwater, too, with no problem!

Luckily for her, and for the mer-cat, and for love generally, she was able to have this many realizations while also chasing the devil.

What love makes us capable of!

And that brings us to the end of this romantic tale.

Roswell caught the sea devil in her bow-shaped mouth, and immediately the sea devil transformed into a giant red sea rose, which Roswell held out to the mer-cat, who was now gliding towards her, his big black eyes full of love and desire…..

The end.
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[User Picture]From: silveringridd
2009-08-12 01:47 pm (UTC)
a story about roswell in love for the win!!!!! :)
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[User Picture]From: yagathai
2009-08-12 01:33 pm (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: kylecassidy
2009-08-12 03:36 pm (UTC)
NFG is going to twitter it.
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[User Picture]From: viletchild
2009-08-12 01:40 pm (UTC)
... just when I was about to leave for work... now, I want to stay home and write! hehe
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[User Picture]From: platyg
2009-08-12 02:13 pm (UTC)

My attempt at a submission

How this had happened, no one knew. They had lived a peaceful existence with no interruptions for as long as Kylosidy could remember. They were a peaceful people. Intruders had never been a worry for them until now. The strange being that had come to visit them was unlike anything any of them had ever seen. It was covered in fur and had ears on top of its head and a long skinny tail that didn’t seem to help it swim at all.

When the being would not leave he sent his best men out to see if it was dangerous or just curious. As they approached they noticed something hanging around the being’s neck. One of the brave mermen went forward, approaching the furry thing with care. When he got close enough to touch it and nothing had happened, he reached out. A sound came out of the being that made the water all around them vibrate. He grabbed the thing around its neck and quickly moved back to safety.

The letter was addressed to Kylosidy in their own native Merrish language. They waved the being forward, enticing it to follow them back. They needed to get the letter to their leader as quickly as possible to find out what this being was and why it was there.

The letter was quickly delivered and Kylosidy was seen smiling as he read. “It is a letter from my brother up above. He has sent us this cat named Roswell. It is his closest companion and he wanted Roswell to experience the life down here with us for a while.” He laughed again as he waved the animal forward. “I don’t see how he is to survive down here, but he seems to have some kind of breathing contraption that is doing just fine.” He reached out and touched the cat, stroking his fingers over his head and behind his ear. The rumbling vibrations started again and the water shook, but when Roswell started to butt his hand for more scritches he knew that this sound was a very good one.
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[User Picture]From: spacedlaw
2009-08-12 02:18 pm (UTC)

Exactly 350 words according to my (word) counter... (English spelling too)

Let’s blame the tuna.
The shop had been out of the usual brand. Hennepin refused to touch the substitute tin but Roswell gobbled it all up without chewing.
That very night, she escaped.

It was full moon; she could feel the call of the tide pulsating in her veins.
Gills were starting to form behind her whiskers. Getting into water quickly turned into a life or death matter.
Good thing that the river was nearby. She jumped.

Well, that was weird of course. Her outer-cat really did not like this and was most vocal about it. But her inner-tuna…
Her inner-tuna sang with the pure joy of water. And growled in anger at the fact that said water was both sweet and polluted. It clung at her gills, getting into her ears as well and her mood oscillated between ecstatic and furious, hissing a lot.

It had been the hissing. It was like angry wind in the willows, or stones brushed by white waters. It sang and howled and called.
And someone answered.

“Sardines!” - she thought - “Sardines with tits!”
The beasts had the flummoxed silly look of human faces. Yet, after a while, the girls decided that Roswell must be a playmate – she was swimming in their waters after all – and started pushing her about, lifting her in the air – making her outer-cat happy – or plunging her deep below the surface – the inner-tuna purring – until her body connected with a low branch, the shock knocking both the wind and dinner out of her lungs and stomach.

With the weird tuna out of her system, Roswell got back to her senses. What was she doing about the water? And how dared those sardiny tarts trying to drag her down! She hissed, holding onto the branch for dear life. And howled. And this time the naiads realised that probably their toy did not quite belong to the river and let go.

When she got back home after three days, she was sure to let her humans know that it had been all their fault.
She still refuses to eat tuna.
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[User Picture]From: jayphoenix
2009-08-12 03:43 pm (UTC)

Re: Exactly 350 words according to my (word) counter... (English spelling too)

GRIN - love the idea of channeling an 'inner-tuna' :o)
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[User Picture]From: jayphoenix
2009-08-12 02:49 pm (UTC)
What a GREAT excuse to write something :)

- - - - -

“I told you it was k’atar, not kat’ar!” Morgan lambasted, staring longingly inland, bare feet tickled by the evening tide. “One simple spell to change us from Selkies into humans and you screw up!”

“She can’t say ‘sorry’,” Dylan pointed out to Morgan, dark eyes sparkling in the moonlight. “She can't say anything. Not like that.”

The siblings stared down at their younger sister, heads crooked to one side as the water lapped at their ankles.


Dark eyes stared up at them from a black and white, fur surrounded, face. Dainty paws skipped backwards as the waves approached; whiskers bristling as she avoided the encroaching water.

“Only one night a year to do this and you ruin it, Roswell!” Morgan sniped.

“What do we do now?” Dylan asked, hesitantly.

“Can YOU transmogrify someone else?” Morgan asked.

“No,” Dylan giggled, stifling it with one hand as his sister glared at him.

“What’s so funny?”

“She turned herself into a cat,” Dylan grinned. “And needs a transmoggyfication spell to turn her back.”

“Which we can’t do; we can only change ourselves,” Morgan sighed, pointedly ignoring the joke and looking back to the dark waves behind her. “So there is only one thing we can do; go home and ask Father for help.”

“Help?” Dylan gulped. “Is that before or after Neptune locks us in the shoals?!”

“Not us,” Morgan winked, slyly. “We simply followed Roswell to the surface and saw her miscast the spell. It’s lucky we were here to cast a simple water-breathing spell and bring her back.”

“But it was your idea …” Dylan started then grinned, catching on. “And Father may just keep her that way to teach her a lesson, so Ros can’t let the ‘cat out of the bag’ … erm, where IS Roswell?”

“Dammit!” Morgan exclaimed as the Selkie in catform, tail rigid, ran into the night.

“You’d better hope you find some nice people to take care of you, Roswell!” Morgan shouted after her, grabbing Dylan’s hand and diving into the water; silver scales gleaming in the night air, they vanished into the deep.
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[User Picture]From: jayphoenix
2009-08-12 02:52 pm (UTC)
... do you know how HARD it was to keep that to 350 words? :o) *swoon*
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[User Picture]From: indigodye
2009-08-12 04:47 pm (UTC)
When I read "Roswell breathing under water" all I could think of was this:

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[User Picture]From: circle23
2009-08-12 04:49 pm (UTC)

350 words in mer world = how ever many i wrote

King Wafford slowly parted the kelp leaves with his trident. He surveyed the vast underwater valley before him, his eyes narrowed and his gills pulsed when the sleek submarine sped into view. His long black striped Mer-body coiled as he prepared his attack.

Ocean explorer Cyle Kassidy and his adventure loving cat, Roswell both gazed intently through the glass of their arrowhead shaped vessel as it nimbly darted through a coral arch. "Okay Ros, go ahead deploy the sonar droid and lets see what's down here." "aye aye cap" Roswell replied snidely . This was no ordinary housecat. Years before Cyle and a group of surly cat activists, who called themselves Citykittyies, had rescued Roswell from a secret govt, lab. Through advanced gene splicing and manipulation Roswell had high cerebral motor skills and vocal cords, clearly the brains of this duo.
Roswell reached forward and pressed an green oval button. a loud hiss and eruption of bubbles escaped from the stern of the "SS Hennepin". A deathstar looking globe shot away from the vessel and started scanning the sea floor.

Cyle was analyzing the incoming data as Roswell proceeded to guide the sub through the coral and giant kelp that sprang from the sea floor in grand clumps.

Suddenly a shadow struck across the Hennepin and the control board flashed and screamed warnings at the to adventurers. A green and black striped mer-man with a coral crown and silver trident swooped down in front of the bow. With a large webbed hand he clasped the sub and raised his trident for attack.

"Evasive Maneuvers"! Yowled Roswell. Paws furiously worked the controls as the sub bucked and rolled trying to ditch the the new passenger. Cyle frozen in amazement stared into the steeley gaze of King Wafford. " Wake up you fool"! Hissed Roswell who lashed out a claw slapping Cyle across the cheek. King Wafford roared a silent stream of bubble and brought his trident down onto the hood of the vehicle. a black cloud of oil billowed out and behind as the sub sped chaotically along the seabed.
The Hennepin's nose started to dip and slow down. King Wafford released his grip and backed away from the sub never taking his eyes off the inhabitants of the Hennepin. Cyle snapped alert and brought his hand down on a large red glowing button. "Nooo" Shrieked Roswell but it was too late. Unaware of his mistake, Cyle Shouted " Live hard , Die Free bitch!" A slender torpedo shot from its tube past King Wafford as he was too close for a direct hit. Roswell's eyes tracked the torpedo as started to gracefully arc back around towards the Hennepin. " You Fool" he whispered. King Wafford craned his neck and watched the torpedo make the turn and head back torwards him and the sub . His body coiled as he prepared to dart away, but obviously waiting for the right moment.
The torpedo zipped forward as it locked in on its target whistling its siren song from the propeller.
Cyle and Roswell furiously worked the control board, desparately trying to make the Hennepin respond. As the torpedo neared them King Wafford with a flip of his muscled fin shot from in front of the sub leaving only mere meters between the Hennepin and the torpedo.............
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[User Picture]From: kylecassidy
2009-08-12 05:29 pm (UTC)

Re: 350 words in mer world = how ever many i wrote

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[User Picture]From: enchanted4est
2009-08-12 05:44 pm (UTC)
What does one have to do to win the Roswell the cat?
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[User Picture]From: kylecassidy
2009-08-12 05:48 pm (UTC)
nonstop belly rubbing.
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From: cybrus
2009-08-12 07:22 pm (UTC)
The tickle of whiskers startled Kassandra from a fitful sleep. She opened her eyes to find Roswell sitting on her chest, staring intently at her in a way only cats can. She glanced at the clock as she slowly sat up.

"Three AM? Stupid cat! Can't you ever let me sleep?"

The perimeter alarm began to chirp and, looking out the front window, she saw a group of shadows moving quickly toward the house.

"Great timing – my Fluid Dynamics presentation is this afternoon." she muttered to herself as she slipped out her bedroom window.

Roswell was already thirty feet ahead, whiskers and nose searching the air for signs of danger. She followed him silently as they ran toward the lake behind her house, realizing it was already too late as several spotlights illuminated her. Reaching the shoreline, she dove gracefully into the comforting protection of the icy water. As she swam deeper, she hoped that Roswell would make it to safety.

Knowing that they would find her one day, Kassandra had kept a small cache of supplies hidden at the bottom of the lake. Finding the spot, she was relieved to find the backpack right where she had left it. She didn’t expect to see Roswell sitting right next to the bag, nor was she prepared to hear a voice inside her head.

"No time for explanations. Your father created me to be your companion while you were in hiding and to warn you when necessary. I’m sorry to have deceived you for so long, but right now we have bigger things to worry - "

Roswell was cut off as a pair of hands snaked out the darkness, grabbing the cat and pulling her away. Kassandra snapped back to reality and summoned her icy sword as her armor froze into place around her. Several mer-men swam into range as she brought her sword around. Two fell to sandy floor, fatal gashes opened in their chests. The third cowered beneath her, still clutching Roswell, the tip of her sword at his throat.

"Tell my grandfather that I’m not interested."
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[User Picture]From: ed_dirt
2009-08-12 09:13 pm (UTC)
so I told him I'd take the copy but I'd buy one and gift it and spread the win to three people.

That's what i did with Armed America when you had the audacity to gift me with a signed copy, only i didn't tell you. Until now.

I still had the buy-one Jones going after i got the copy you gave me, so i sent one to my Kneece in Dallas.

Her and her husband both loved it.
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[User Picture]From: kylecassidy
2009-08-12 09:49 pm (UTC)
many thanks!
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[User Picture]From: schitzometric
2009-08-12 09:21 pm (UTC)

Roswell The Cat Swims the Blues

Cats lead secret lives. This should surprise no one who has ever had the very specific joy of being a cat owner.
They are capable of much more than we could ever imagine, imbued with powers that we would never think them capable of. We should have known, one who can be so easily won over with belly rubs is not to be entirely trusted.
Roswell the cat, was no stranger to keeping secrets. Her's was a carefully guarded gift that could be too easily exploited and she knew it , were she ever exposed , it would be the end of naps on the back porch and three am freak outs. It would be the end of life as she knew it.
One rainy summer afternoon, in an empty house , Roswell decided it was the perfect time for a swim. She ran through the kitchen to the screen door and slipped out the bottom in that way that cat's have when they become all liquid and whiskers. She ran through woods that met the back yard until she reached a clearing that broke upon a lake. With a mighty leap, she was in the water and diving. As soon as she was submerged, gills carefully camouflaged by the soft fur behind her ears opened. Roswell was breathing easy ,spiraling downward and deeper until the glow of the sun became soft blues and greens and all was quiet . She could have fished, but Roswell preferred larger game than the lake offered. She fancied she could take down a swordfish by herself , but cats notoriously overestimate their weight class. (they all see Muhammad Ali in the mirror, but who am I to argue with a happy ,albeit disillusioned cat) Ignoring the trout and occasional catfish ( too much kinship there), she swam lazily until something much larger caught her eye. It was bigger than anything she had seen in the lake, but it was too far away too discern it's nature. We have all heard about cats and curiosity, so it 's no surprise that Roswell decided to swim closer for a better look.
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[User Picture]From: hellziggy
2009-08-13 12:18 am (UTC)
Forget the book, I want the cat!
Hi Roswell!
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