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kyle cassidy

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win this swell book! [Aug. 12th, 2009|08:07 am]
kyle cassidy
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |roswell eating tiny little sea warriors]

I was on a panel at Worldcon with Chris Howard, author of Seaborn. Chris wanted to give me a copy of his new book, and I, of course, wanted to buy one, but heck, this one would be autographed -- so I told him I'd take the copy but I'd buy one and gift it and spread the win to three people.

So now's your chance to get a brand spanking new copy of Seaborn delivered right to your door!

Seaborn is the story of Kassandra, 19 year old princess of the sub-oceanic world. Though she has strange powers, she's trying to lead the life of an ordinary college student in California. Wait, why is a seaborn princess walking around on dry land? Well, she's been hidden there by her father because her grandfather the evil king wants to kill her to cement his power base and perform Great Evil. Kassandra has power over water, she can form an ice sword or ice armor in an instant, or compel drops of water to hurl themselves at a foe at incredible speeds. She fights spear-throwing humanoids from the deep and always manages to get her homework in on time (so far anyway, I'm about 1/4th of the way through it).

It reads very visually, as though you're watching a movie packed with mer-people action.

Enough of this! How do you get it? How do you get it?

Well, just write a story (350 words max) that includes Roswell and mer-people with underwater action (how does Roswell breathe underwater? I'll leave that to you), post it here, best one posted by Friday gets a copy of Seaborn delivered to them from amazon.com.

Roswell on the lookout for underwater warriors trying to attack the porch.


From: cybrus
2009-08-12 07:22 pm (UTC)
The tickle of whiskers startled Kassandra from a fitful sleep. She opened her eyes to find Roswell sitting on her chest, staring intently at her in a way only cats can. She glanced at the clock as she slowly sat up.

"Three AM? Stupid cat! Can't you ever let me sleep?"

The perimeter alarm began to chirp and, looking out the front window, she saw a group of shadows moving quickly toward the house.

"Great timing – my Fluid Dynamics presentation is this afternoon." she muttered to herself as she slipped out her bedroom window.

Roswell was already thirty feet ahead, whiskers and nose searching the air for signs of danger. She followed him silently as they ran toward the lake behind her house, realizing it was already too late as several spotlights illuminated her. Reaching the shoreline, she dove gracefully into the comforting protection of the icy water. As she swam deeper, she hoped that Roswell would make it to safety.

Knowing that they would find her one day, Kassandra had kept a small cache of supplies hidden at the bottom of the lake. Finding the spot, she was relieved to find the backpack right where she had left it. She didn’t expect to see Roswell sitting right next to the bag, nor was she prepared to hear a voice inside her head.

"No time for explanations. Your father created me to be your companion while you were in hiding and to warn you when necessary. I’m sorry to have deceived you for so long, but right now we have bigger things to worry - "

Roswell was cut off as a pair of hands snaked out the darkness, grabbing the cat and pulling her away. Kassandra snapped back to reality and summoned her icy sword as her armor froze into place around her. Several mer-men swam into range as she brought her sword around. Two fell to sandy floor, fatal gashes opened in their chests. The third cowered beneath her, still clutching Roswell, the tip of her sword at his throat.

"Tell my grandfather that I’m not interested."
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