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kyle cassidy

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win this swell book! [Aug. 12th, 2009|08:07 am]
kyle cassidy
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |roswell eating tiny little sea warriors]

I was on a panel at Worldcon with Chris Howard, author of Seaborn. Chris wanted to give me a copy of his new book, and I, of course, wanted to buy one, but heck, this one would be autographed -- so I told him I'd take the copy but I'd buy one and gift it and spread the win to three people.

So now's your chance to get a brand spanking new copy of Seaborn delivered right to your door!

Seaborn is the story of Kassandra, 19 year old princess of the sub-oceanic world. Though she has strange powers, she's trying to lead the life of an ordinary college student in California. Wait, why is a seaborn princess walking around on dry land? Well, she's been hidden there by her father because her grandfather the evil king wants to kill her to cement his power base and perform Great Evil. Kassandra has power over water, she can form an ice sword or ice armor in an instant, or compel drops of water to hurl themselves at a foe at incredible speeds. She fights spear-throwing humanoids from the deep and always manages to get her homework in on time (so far anyway, I'm about 1/4th of the way through it).

It reads very visually, as though you're watching a movie packed with mer-people action.

Enough of this! How do you get it? How do you get it?

Well, just write a story (350 words max) that includes Roswell and mer-people with underwater action (how does Roswell breathe underwater? I'll leave that to you), post it here, best one posted by Friday gets a copy of Seaborn delivered to them from amazon.com.

Roswell on the lookout for underwater warriors trying to attack the porch.


[User Picture]From: schitzometric
2009-08-12 09:21 pm (UTC)

Roswell The Cat Swims the Blues

Cats lead secret lives. This should surprise no one who has ever had the very specific joy of being a cat owner.
They are capable of much more than we could ever imagine, imbued with powers that we would never think them capable of. We should have known, one who can be so easily won over with belly rubs is not to be entirely trusted.
Roswell the cat, was no stranger to keeping secrets. Her's was a carefully guarded gift that could be too easily exploited and she knew it , were she ever exposed , it would be the end of naps on the back porch and three am freak outs. It would be the end of life as she knew it.
One rainy summer afternoon, in an empty house , Roswell decided it was the perfect time for a swim. She ran through the kitchen to the screen door and slipped out the bottom in that way that cat's have when they become all liquid and whiskers. She ran through woods that met the back yard until she reached a clearing that broke upon a lake. With a mighty leap, she was in the water and diving. As soon as she was submerged, gills carefully camouflaged by the soft fur behind her ears opened. Roswell was breathing easy ,spiraling downward and deeper until the glow of the sun became soft blues and greens and all was quiet . She could have fished, but Roswell preferred larger game than the lake offered. She fancied she could take down a swordfish by herself , but cats notoriously overestimate their weight class. (they all see Muhammad Ali in the mirror, but who am I to argue with a happy ,albeit disillusioned cat) Ignoring the trout and occasional catfish ( too much kinship there), she swam lazily until something much larger caught her eye. It was bigger than anything she had seen in the lake, but it was too far away too discern it's nature. We have all heard about cats and curiosity, so it 's no surprise that Roswell decided to swim closer for a better look.
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