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some good news

You will recall that two posts ago (skip back if you missed it) I announced I was giving away a copy of Chris Howard's novel Seaborn to the person who wrote the best flash fiction about Roswell T. Cat and Merpeople by this evening. Well, I am happy to announce that judging that contest will be ....

Chris Howard, author of Seaborn!!!!!

(You can listen to Chris read the first chapter of Seaborn as an mp3 right here.)

Fo Shizzle. So, if you haven't written your story and you want to, you have about 12 hours and who knows, it may be your chance to get discovered.

In other news, if we met at Worldcon, please pipe up with who you are so I can add you to my "Worldcon 09" friends list.

One of my new vows is to be better at friending people I ought to have friended, so if you have the bangin' blog that I've been missing I'm going to have a separate "please introduce yourself!" post over the weekend.

I give you Roswell in her Bathysphere going down to check out Mer-city.

That is all. Be good today.

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