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Fan Portraits

What is a fan? and what's unique about the fans of Fantasy and Science Fiction? Are they different than baseball fans? I don't know yet. But I did do a hundred and fifty one portraits at Worldcon and it's a step in the direction of finding out.

All these photos are up on flickr now. Take a look, comment on your favorites. Over the next few months I'll be contacting a bunch of the people here and doing interviews with them and putting up a (as Vitalij Kuprij would say) "keeelar" web site and a Very Famous Author has agreed to write an introduction for it. Maybe by September.

Please spread the word about these, feel free to share it with the f&sf lists your on so that everybody who's in the photos can find themselves if they're not looking here.

If you're in one of these photos, feel free to grab it and put it up on your myspace, make an lj icon or whatnot. (Also, If you're one of these people and I haven't friended you, say hello and let me know.)

OH! and Michael Freaking "Five Hugos" Swanwick blogged about these photos yesterday. Complete with a behind-the-scenes photo. He's also at swanwick_rss you can add that for his RSS feed on LJ.

Worldcon 2009 Fan Portraits
See the whole set on flicker

Have a swell day.

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