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breakfast with roswell

Better than last time?

Breakfast on the porch with Roswell this morning. Now with mushroom and zucchini goodness.

On a side note, when I was a kid my sister and I referred to zucchini as "the big pickle" and we hated it. I'd come home from school and find Heather in tears, "It's in the fridge!" she'd say with creeping horror, "MOM BOUGHT A BIG PICKLE!" and a sense of doom would descend upon us. I can't remember how my mother cooked it at all, but I remember the thought of it seriously making me want to vomit. Now I eat it all the time. I also hated lima beans and peas, and I still won't eat them. Go figure.

Still reading the0phrastus's book, Seaborn but also back issues of his blog. He has some sagacious advice for authors, one I liked was this bit about setting up your web page:

2. Your domain name must pass the shout-across-the-room test. That is, select a name you can shout back and be understood--over your screaming fans--to a person across the room. If you have to explain how to spell it, you'll lose people. My example above, the0phrastus, I have to say "It's theophrastus with a PH and the 0 is a zero"--and nine times out of ten I'll just get a blank stare back.

I'm also "reading" Sarah Stolfa's book "The Regulars", she worked in a bar for ten years and photographed ... the regulars. I find it a more interesting look into the world of fine art photography than into the world of bar patrons. She's done everything right, and it really makes me want to go to grad school.

Have a swell day.

(Oh, and for those of you who were wondering, I got an emergency dental visit on the 11th, a very nice doctor slapped a patch on my tooth and I can chew again! Tomorrow's my "real" appointment where they're going to figure out what to do -- probably a root canal and a crown I'm told. However, if it's been like my last major dental visits, it'll be no big thing. I've been very impressed at the great strides dental medicine has made in pain management lately. Having my wisdom teeth taken out was actually fun. Seriously).

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