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all sorts of good stuff.....

1) Okay, now there's an interview with me up at Lili's Lair and it's not a bad one. Czeck it out.

2) There's a nice blog post largely about me up at Mike Jonson's The Online Photographer by Ctine which was very flattering, and then I read the comments, which, yikes. Swelled my head. Thanks people.

3) Top Secret Swanwick/Cassidy project #2 goes into HIGH FREAKIN' GEAR TOMORROW wheels are in motion, bats have been released, booster rockets fired and all that shiznit. Oh the antici---

4) SPEAKING of science fiction, look what I found in the dollar bin at the library today! (Yes, I have a house full of books, I'm throwing them out by the carton every week but I keep filling it back up, it's like I'm the leak I'm always bailing.)

while I was photographing these wonderful things, there was a strange noise ...

The sky went BLACK, but there were swirling holes opening up in the clouds and you could see blue sky behind it, For about 30 seconds I really thought I was going to see a tornado form and I raced into the street, knocking things over along the way to try and get a good shot of it tearing up west philly but the swirling hole just closed up. It was like night for three minutes. I had to dig these buildings out of the RAW file, otherwise it was just nighttime with that ray of blue sky. Krazee.

!) SPEAKING OF WHICH (Tom Purdom, not swirling holes) there are a couple of spots open right now (owing to several people being out of town) for next weeks meeting of the Fantabulous Tom Purdom book club -- if you're in or around Philly, we'll be going to the secret location Wednesday to discuss two of Tom's stories "The Mists of Time" which is in the 2008 Years Best Science Fiction and "Controlled Experiment" which was in a recent Asimov's. Leading the discussion with more Class and dapper than you've ever seen in a human being will be Tom Freaking Purdom himself.

Email if you'd like to attend and after we've had you buzzed by a saucer and probed, you'll receive details on the secret location. They're always Very Fun. And Tom Purdom is very nice. He's as nice as Neil Gaiman, and that's pretty darn nice.

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