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save the world sunday

Two chances to make the world a better place.

Many of you know feistydiva (seen here with Tattiana, modeling Mayfaire Moon)

she's the designer behind Peacock Blue. Her mother passed away of pancreatic cancer on August 6th. To turn tragedy into hope Feisty has a special selection of purple designs for sale this month the proceeds of which will go to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Shop for the Cure

A westphillyite who may or may not have a livejournal writes:

Can I ask a huge favor of you and your blogdience??

There is a very sad and sweet west philadelphia porch cat who is haunting my conscious. I've been trying in vain to feed him/her but I think the worms are fattening up while kitty is melting away. My inn is full to bursting and unemployment is turning my pockets inside out. My heart will not let me leave the little one suffering in my street but I just don't know what to do. If I am able to snap a picture of my friend in the next few days do you think you could post a little feature asking for someone willing to take the cat in? Or maybe offer me some advice on how to best take care of the little one.


If there's someone who can take this munchkin to foster, I can guarantee medical and food expenses.

Fostering is the best job, really, because it's just an endless supply of kittens. And who doesn't want kittens?

Now, I'm off to write the great American novel. Enjoy your Sunday.

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