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Help me give away a Montblanc Fountain Pen

I have a Montblanc that needs to be loved and used by someone else.

In 1992 when my first book came out I was very pleased with myself ... I'd always felt like I was a writer, but suddenly I felt validated. I went out and bought myself a Montblanc fountain pen -- because that's what writers did, they sat under trees with Montblancs and wrote stuff. With the advance for every book since then, I've gone out and bought myself a fancy pen. This means that I have a drawer full of fancy pens and, as may be inevitable, some part of a drawer full of fancy pens that I never use anymore.

So I'm looking to find a new home for this, my first, Montblanc. And I need your help.

Just because I don't use this pen doesn't mean that I don't love it, and that it doesn't have any meaning to me, so it has to go to someone special. I want this to go to a person who's just published their first book*. Like, query letter, editor, pitiful advance, bookstore shelf published -- someone who's suffered the slings and arrows of rejection letters and persevered -- not "Check me out on Blurb!" published.

I wrote a lot with this pen; it's used and it's loved. (I'm not sure what model it is, it's discontinued, that I'm pretty sure of. It's like a 320, but with a 14k gold nib.) Also I think the nib might need to be adjusted (which I'm not going to do, I'm giving away a Montblanc already for crying out loud) which means that YOU'RE going to have to get the nib adjusted -- see, it'll be a joint gift from the both of us. (I'm guessing that's a $30 operation.) I'll send the pen to someone like Mike it Work, they'll fix it, you pay them and they'll ship it to whomever you say.

So, here's how it works -- you can post here, or you can email me, and nominate someone who would love to sit under a tree with a notebook and a pen and a bottle of grappa and a basket of fruit and write essays that will make the world a better place. Someone who deserves a reward, someone who will be motivated and inspired.

Someone who will pick this pen up and realize what I realized, seventeen years ago, that this pen is magic, and with it you can do anything.

Help me out -- & thanks for being awesome, cause y'all are.

(***Feel free to repost or share with your writers group***)

*Special deference given to poets because they never make any money, no matter how good they are -- so if you know a poet who's published their sixth chapbook, they'll still qualify.

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