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the party you've all been waiting for! kyle and trillian get married

We're having a wedding party and you're invited

Sunday, October 25th we're having a party in West Philly for everybody who didn't come to the wedding, friends, family, & all of you livejournal peeps. That means you're invited. Trillian has a performance the night before of her new play, The Weir which there are only a very few tickets available for, so we recommend you come into town Saturday, we'll all go to the play, the party starts after the curtain and ends some time sunday afternoon.

Trillian will be sporting a new dress made especially for the occasion by petitbout which is awesome in its wedding splendor.

We will be able to house a limited number of people saturday night, but there are several super awesome bed&breakfasts just a few doors away.

Roswell will be available on a limited basis for belly rubbing and shedding.

We will need a head count so we know how much dynamite to order so you WILL NEED TO RSVP This should be a link to an Evite where you can RSVP.


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