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back for revenge and the rumors must end

Hey folks. Just a quick one. Im back from Canada and I'll have an update about the class when we get some photos together. In the meantime, I've got an article in the new issue of Videomaker and you can read this one on line.

I've always got an article in the new issue of Videomaker and I never think to mention it -- so I'm mentioning it. You can rate the article after you've read it -- I don't know what the ratings do, I never see if something got rated or how it got rated, but I assume it gets used to figure out what types of articles people want to read and how technical they ought to be. (And how awesome the author is).

More soon when I have something profound to say.

I noticed I've got 795 friends on Facebook. Adrian Monk would be bothered by that. I've also got a twitter for some godawful reason. But I do post more frequent less meaningful updates to those. I always feel that if I'm blogging here it needs to be interesting. I don't feel the same way about twitter.

Be nice.

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