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Stuff. More to Come.

Dark Roasted Blend just picked up Where I Write ( -- I am sailing the viral ocean. Thanks to chamisa for noticing and letting me know.

Also, yyes I know it's international Talk Like A Pirate Day -- how, you may ask? Because I did their poster for them in 2004 with International Fetish Model Kiwi. (aka: petitbout -- wealthy single men may prostrate themselves before her with offers of slavering devotion, diamonds and jewels -- I can't guarantee it'll work, but it's worth a try):

I'm glad they're getting so many props. Yaargh! Shiver me timbers, Ned Lynch!

Tomorrow or so I shall post the winner of the Montblanc giveaway and more info about the SEATTLE PHOTO WORKSHOP. Now I shall either work on the Swanwick/Cassidy thingie, or fall asleep.

goodnight kids.

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