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food and model call

1) Any models in West Philly who have time this afternoon? I'm working on a not-really-terribly-secret lighting experiment sometime between 2 and 4 and could use an extra face or two.

2) Cooking has been really good lately. Last night I made what turned out to be a noodle-less vegan lasagna that was ... well, I ate the whole thing. Low fat, low cal, but tasty as all get-out. I'm very pleased with it. We're slowly working on Cooking With Roswell but it's between lots of other things. I'll probably give the lasagna one more shot tomorrow and it'll probably be ready to get writ down.

This morning there was a fiery new twist on breakfast which met with great success (trillian_stars and I fighting over the last bit -- she stabbed me in the arm with a fork, but while she was doing that, I managed to down the last mouthfuls).

3) Seattle seating is going to be limited seating and it's going to be first-come first serve to ten photographers and fifteen models. I'll post early monday morning with instructions and everyone can have at it. If you don't get a seat, don't worry too much about it, I'll need to be back in Seattle soon enough anyway to do sci-fi portraits and I can probably wrangle a workshop around in that. I'm pleased that wyera will be running the registration for that one -- she did such an excellent job in Toronto.

4) There are workshops coming together in Maryland and up in PA too. The PA one is going to be specifically designed for Renn Faire costumers / Designers & models, which I'm excited about. More on that when things are more concrete.

5) The iPhone continues to amaze me. When I connected it to iTunes Thursday it announced that there was a new upgrade for the phone with lots of crazy awesome features, so I installed it and the phone crashed ("My telephone crashed" sounds so weird.) and had to be restored. This wasn't so awful, but I discovered that when you back up your phone it doesn't back up your apps it says "oh, you can re-download them for free" -- so it was me mucking around trying to remember what I'd just installed and then discovering to my horror that my Castle Wolfenstein saved game was ... gone. All those hours in airports and lines in the grocery store ... vanished. I don't know if I have the heart to start it up again. But, but, but, Trill and I were cleaning this morning and found an un-labeled CD, we put it in, but couldn't figure out what band it was. I googled "iPhone app identifies songs" and found ... SHAZAM -- holy crikies. I installed it and you can ... hold the freaking phone up to the radio and it'll tell you what song is playing. (It was the band Barcelona.) And google earth -- sweet barking cheese -- the future is here. I was able to tour Barrow Alaska on the phone while we were watching 30 Days of Night last night. (The town's a lot bigger than the movie would have you believe -- but they DO ban the sale of alcohol during the SIXTY FIVE DAYS the sun is below the horizon (which I had thought was a fabrication).

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