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Toronto Workshop Recap

Back from Toronto where we all had a marvelous time -- class was broken up into two days, the first day was mostly classroom/portfolio review but we spent time talking about the fundamentals of photography and the second day we put that into practice and did some setups and some flash assignments.

One of the setups we did was outdoor flash and for it we roped princestryphyna into getting on the other side of the camera. I think it needs someone about ten feet behind her on a pogo stick, but we made do with what we had.

Cynthia has a behind-the-scenes making-of for this shot here</a> along with some commentary that describes the class pretty well.

Here we all are on the last day with the box of Wheetabix they gave me in honor of James Baylock's "Last Coin".

that's princestryphyna, cynfulbeads, stonetable, ceinwen, wyera, and amethyst07 in no particular order (photo by Roy)

It was a mighty swell time had by all.

There are still spots in the Seattle Workshop, especially the model section -- so if you rolled out of bed at noon thinking "dang! I probably missed it!" you were in good company.

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