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On a train

I'm on a train on my way to NYC. Bright lights, big city.

Tomorrow after the photography (5ish) I'm sure we'll all end up somewhere near the Javitz center if you want to meet up and hoist a glass of whatever cosplayers and steampunks drink (feel free to suggest something in the comments). Just drop me an email or add me on Twitter and I'll be sure to tweet wherever we are, we'd love to see you ("we" being other New York / anime peeps -- Trill's got rehearsal).

In other news, there was a bit of surprising, unexpected, but slightly delightful news on the Cooking With Roswell front which may cause that to get kicked up into a higher low gear.

Roswell is excited.

I'm going to get back to the great American Novel. I'll see some of you tomorrow, which pleases me to no end.

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