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Slowly sifting through emails. It seems now matter how much organization I do, there are still a six hundred messages in my inbox that need immediate attention.

Spent a lot of last night working on the eagerly anticipated Swanwick/Cassidy collaboration and decided that it had become ... wrong ... so I scrapped my whole bit of it and started from scratch. It feels better now, with a clean, blank slate to work on.

My iPhone got swiped on the train back from New York, I realized as I got off the train & I grabbed a conductor on the platform who contacted the train, they had someone at the next stop (5 minutes away) go look for it, but it was gone. I still like to think someone's diligently tracking me down to return it, but I can see my call log and my text log and nobody's called any of the numbers in my address book. NOW i find out that I could have turned on the "find my iPhone magic locator beacon" ah well. Next time. It's only stuff and it'll probably be more helpful for me to finish projects if I'm unable to attack the backlog of email from wherever I am.

No iPhone means no iPhone photos though, which is probably good. Here we are about to jet out to brunch to celebrate trillian_stars' birthday, taken with the $40 garage sale macro lens.

and the garden, looking lovely. Actually, the garden has looked great since we wised up and hired a gardner. My idea of a garden was "cover everything in ivy because it doesn't need any attention". Wendy's worked wonders with the apple tree and the rose bushes and turned the back yard into a secret paradise.

I'll post Anime Festival photos probably mid week.

In the meantime, everybody have a swell day.

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