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Work on the Swanwick/Cassidy thingie went well yesterday, not as close to finished as I'd like, but lovely progress was made and it's going in a better direction.

I broke off early on working on it and we went out to The $2 Bar to celebrate Dr. Brad's birthday and trillian_stars' birthday but the bluegrass got too thick and we ended up coming home and watching Iron Maiden videos.

I've been watching the progress of my iPhone over the Intharwebz -- no calls or texts going out, but after 24 hours it gamely logged in twice to check mail. Which suggests to me it was turned off and then on again. Which, if I may speculate further, means that it's not in a drawer somewhere but has people looking at it and pushing buttons. (I imagine the apes in 2001 poking at the monolith.) Who knows -- they may yet call. I figure some bidnizz person might have picked it up with the intention of trying to find its home when the work week started.

That's how I think.


Ladies and Germs, I give you one of my Most Favorite photos of the New York Anime Festival with Michael and yumyumyum (feel free to repost / retweet):


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