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Photos from the New York Anime Festival

The festival was at the Javitz Center in NYC, where I'd been for the 2007 Book Expo when Armed America came out. This time it was stuffed full of people in costumes & the kind folks at the festival (namely Anna and Yags) made sure to get my photo studio right on the show floor with lots of foot traffic.

Here are the photos. Feel free to share your experiences with cosplay, steampunk, anime, what I should be photographing next, or the nature of fandom in general in the comments.

Also, if you're in the cosplay/anime/steampunk community (or if you're not), please repost, retweet, share & tag the images so the participants can all find their photos. If you recognize someone, let them know. Thanks bunches.

clickenzee for images

clickenzee for images

if youre on a portable device or cant get the images to play click here

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