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The Philippines is Under Water, Every Day

Way back when Sky was living here at Casa del Milla, we decided to sponsor a child through Children's International -- basically you give them $22 a month and they use it to provide health, nutrition and education to families in one of 17 different locations throughout Central and South America, Asia, Africa and the United States. I don't imagine they roll up to a house and say "yaay! you're sponsored! here's a check!" but rather they use it to help everyone, but you get the impression it's a 1 on 1, and you can exchange letters and photographs with "your child" who's a synecdoche at least. It's been six years I think and trillian_stars and I are still sponsoring Aiza, who lives in the Philippines. I've watched her grow up on the fridge through photos and drawings she sends. Four years ago she wanted to be a singer, now maybe a dancer, or maybe a teacher. We know her father's a "laborer" and her family income is about $32 a month.

Upon hearing about the floods, we immediately contacted Children's International -- they couldn't tell us if Aiza's town was hit by the disaster, but they did tell us that there were no deaths in any of their programs.

With all the outpouring of support and people wanting to help after the catastrophic flood, let me suggest that this be the beginning of a longer commitment. There are families in need every day whose houses aren't under water. And it's only $22 a month.

Now go do a good deed today, even if it's not this.

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