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It's ready already.

Last night I asked Ego Likeness "When's this EP going to be ready" and I didn't really believe them when they said "tomorrow, you're the last nail in the coffin." But, holy smokes, when I woke up this morning, I saw it's ready to roll.

It seems there's often a lot of time in between album releases -- it takes a lot of work to get twelve or fourteen songs together and perfect. And to sort of lessen that, Ego Likeness has done something really cool, which is to intersperse the time between their albums Order of the Reptile (link goes to iTunes) and Breedless (link goes to a youtube vid of one of the songs) which comes out on Metropolis later this year, by doing four EP's which contain some original stuff, some remixes, and some covers. How cool.

I must say, I'm super happy about the cover for North, which is up for pre-order. You should grab it now because "pre-order" means "before they leave on tour" during which time the only way to get it will probably be to bug the merch grrl at a show or buy one overpriced on ebay. I mean, it's worth it just for that freakin cover, isn't it?! (Maybe if you bug them, they'll make a poster out of it, like they did out of the freaking awesome East photo.)

That is all. I'm off to NYC for an amazing photo experience. More on that tomorrow.

From ego_likeness:

Our third, limited edition (300 of each) "Compass EP" North is now available for pre-order on our ghetto fabulous pre-pre-order page!
1. North
2. Neverending Story (The Dark Clan featuring Donna Lynch)
3. Weave: Anathema Device Remix
4. Raise Your Red Flags: Never Surrender remix by The Machine In The Garden
5. Down By The Water (PJ Harvey cover)

$10+ $2 Shipping


These should ship before we leave for tour, unless something horrible happens....

Photo by Kyle Cassidy. Make up by Vincent Miles.

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