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back in the groove

Thanks to everybody who stuck through the Dalai Lama megapost. The total defriending was eight, mostly on the first day.

1) We totally had our world rocked by Simpson and Vail almond black tea. I realized I've been putting (soy)milk in tea to cover up the horrible -- this tea is like a slice of thickly buttered bread, substantial, smoooth, maaahvalous. I'll never go back to the bag again.

2) I have an article in this month's Videomaker magazine (I have an article in every month's Videomaker magazine, but I keep forgetting to mention it. Pick it up if you see it on the news stand, read it, love it. You can read the article on line here rate it, love it, make movies.

3) trillian_stars' new play, The Weir officially opens October 30th. There are an extremely small number of seats available for our special show on the 24th, please email (kyle at kylecassidy dot com) if you were planning to attend.

(Thanks to Anna for haunting the promo shots.)

You can see this image as an awesome flash animation on the Curio website here

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