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The Awesome Kyle and Trillian Got Married Party That You're Invited To


As you may remember, in order to avoid a fuss trillian_stars and I got married without telling anybody. To make up for that, and create a beautiful awesome fuss, we're having a party that you're all invited to! It's a very informal affair which will be held at Studio 34 in West Philadelphia next Sunday the 25th from 3:30 - 7:00. Here's a link to an evite.

We'll be providing some light food and wine -- though we have little idea how many people will actually show up. If you're local and you're of a mind, please feel free to bring something vegetarian but don't put yourself out. If we run out of food, there are plenty of awesome restaurants nearby. The most important thing is that we see those of you we know and meet those of you we haven't yet met. Dress as fancy as you'd like -- we recommend visiting our favorite haute coture shoppe, Le Deuxieme Mille beforehand for super fancy ball gowns, suits of all colors, and fancy outfits on the cheap (shhh! everybody thinks we shop at Saks) located just a few blocks away. If you've still got that prom dress in the closet and can't think of a time to put it on again, let this be your motivation! Do you still own your wedding gown? WEAR IT! However, if you want to show up in your ripped dennim and Mötörhead t-shirt we shall say sir (or madam) you rock!

We shall be giving out awards for Best Dressed and Most Comfortably Dressed. (How exciting!)

The Master of Ceremonies will be none other than Jerry Rudasill (whom you may remember as Ford Freaking Prefect.) & performing will be the lovely and talented Nicki Jaine plus special guests(!).

trillian_stars' play, The Weir was supposed to open at Curio on the 24th but for reasons beyond our control, that's been moved back a week. However, fret not if you've bought a plane ticket and a hotel and come from out of town because there's a special dress rehearsal performance for us that night. People from in town who were planning on going that night, we ask that you come to a later performance. (I'll be out of town the weekend after for Cat Valente's wedding, but back the following weekend.)

Please no gifts, but if you want to donate to Curio Theatre, the wonderful amazing people at City Kitties, or the monks at the virginia beach buddhist monastery who are looking for a new home, that would be awesome. The best thing you can do to help us celebrate is to make someone else's life better, in whatever little way.

Thank you. You rock. We're so so happy to have you in our lives. Lurkers unlurk. Please come, we want to meet you.

Kyle & trillian_stars

& Here's a shot of trillian_stars as a Zigfeld Grrl taken with mah iPhone:

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